DIY Fabric Flower Earrings

Hey everyone! Today I’m sharing a fun and stylish crafty fabric flower earrings that I made with some scrapbooking flowers. It was lots of fun making them, as mus as when I made my Mini Clothespin Earrings.

DIY Fabric Flower Earrings

DIY Fabric Flower Earrings  Tutorial

If you are a follower of TitiCrafty you probably know by now how much I love crafty jewelry… I enjoy making them from whatever cutie I can find. It’s fun to use things that not everyone can have. If you are new to TitiCrafty you will notice this in no time LOL!

This kind of craft like fabric flower earrings can be made with and by kids of course always supervised. I’m so eager to make some of these things with my girl but she is not in that stage just yet! Hope you like it!


What you need:

  • Earring hooks
  • Small jump rings
  • Medium jump rings
  • Scrapbooking fabric Flowers
  • Big needle {embroidery ones}
  • Pliers
  • Small round pieces of felt

Let’s start these cute fabric flower earrings!


Using the needle make a hole in one petal of the fabric flower. You can move around the needle a little so the hole gets a bit bigger.


Then using your pliers open the jump rings and insert the big one on the hole made by the needle. This is tricky but it goes through.



Then insert the small jump ring in the earring hook, close it and insert it in the big jump ring. Close it.



 That’s it, Tadaaaaa!!!


 BUT… since the back of the flowers were a bit ugly, I cut some rounded pieces of felt and glued them with hot glue.



Now it’s perfect! TADAAAAAAA LOL!


I even made a couple more in different colors! Woot! Love them!


Aaaand look how they look when I wear them!



What do you think??? Have you used your scrapbooking stuff for something different???


 I LOVE your opinion and comments, it totally makes my day, it gives me a huge motivation to keep making fun stuff and crafts!!!

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Till next time!!! =D


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