Upcycling Wine Bottles: DIY Twine Wrapped Decorative Vases

I saw this idea on Pinterest and I thought it was so nice that I had to give it a try. I really like the idea of repurposing things, upcyled things usually turn out super nice and brings life to any space. That’s why I made this Twine Wrapped Decorative Vases out of Wine bottles.

Upcycling Wine Bottles: DIY Twine Wrapped Decorative Vases

Reusando Botellas de Vino Decorándolas con Mecate

I have a table in my entrance that needed some love, so I decided to upcycle some wine bottles I had here to make some cute wrapped decorative Vases. I bought some twine and fake flowers and branches.
Tengo una mesa en la entrada de mi casa que necesitaba algo de cariño, así que decidí reusar unas botellas de vino que tenía guardadaspara hacer unos lindos jarrones envueltos en mecate. Compré un poco de mecate y unos tallos y flores secas falsas.

Here is how I made them:
Aquí está como las hice:

What you need:
Lo que necesitas:

Twine, bottles, white glue, hot gun glue, ribbons (optional)
Mecate, botellas, cola blanca, silicon caliente, cintas (opcional)
Thin the glue 50/50 with water. The idea is to have it a bit more fluid than it usually is.
La cola blanca la diluí a partes iguales, la idea es que quede un poco más líquida pero no muy líquida.
Spread the glue with a brush in sections.
Con una brocha esparcí la cola por zonas.

I started wrapping the bottle with the twine. I always try to hide the ends by trying to overlap the second loop over the end.
Empecé a envolver las botellas con el mecate. Siempre trato de esconder el extremo solapando la segunda vuelta sobre ese extremo.
At the end, when the whole bottle is wrapped, cut the twine and glue it with Hot gun glue. Even every 10 or so loops add some hot gun glue, it helps keep everything in its place while wrapping.
Al final, cuando toda la botella esta cubierta, corta el mecate y pega el extremo con silicón caliente. Sugiero que cada tanto en tanto peguen con el silicón caliente, ayuda a mantener todo en su sitio mientras se seca la cola.
You are done!…. for now! Lol
Listo!… Por ahora! jajajaja

The decoration!
La decoración!
I made some little flowers with the twine to decorate it.
Hice florecitas de mecate para decorarlas.
Grab the end of the twine with a needle nose pilars and make some loops around it.
Agarra el extremo del mecate con un alicate y empieza a darle vueltas.
 When you feel it’s strong enough, remove the handle and keep looping the twine until the desired size. Every now and then add a bit of hot glue to keep it in place.
Cuando sientas que ya esta fuerte, quita el alicate y sigue dándole vueltas hasta que tenga el tamaño que te guste. Cada tanto coloca un punto de silicón caliente para que se mantenga la forma.
When you get the size you want cut the twine and glue the end. Make as many as you want.
Cuando tengas el tamaño deseado, corta el mecate y pega el extremo. Has tantas como quieras.

I made 3 bottles and I decorated them differently. So just glue the flowers as you like. Imagination is the limit. And for the last detail I add some ribbons and bows.
Yo hice 3 botellas y las decoré de forma diferente. Así que cola las florecitas como te guste, el límite es la imaginación. Y para el detalle final le puse cintas y lazos.
This is how my bottles look, what do you think?
Así me quedaron las bitellas, ¿Qué les parece?

Cute or what??? / Chulo o ¿que???
I LOVE your opinion and comments, it totally makes my day, it gives me a huge motivation to keep making fun stuff and crafts!!!
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Till next time!!! =D
Hasta la próxima!!! =D
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  1. avatar
    Shari G says:
    May 29, 2013

    What a very cool idea!! I don’t have a lot of wine bottles around, but I know many people who do, and I have this very big open “window” thing in our living room/front hall that I feel needs a little something. I think these would be amazing for that!

    Thanks for linking up with my comment love linky. It’s so appreciated, and I would love if you linked up again.

    • avatar
      June 4, 2013

      Hi Shari, Thanks so much! I’m really happy this inspired you! That is so cool!


  2. avatar
    Bev Carter says:
    May 31, 2013

    I have a few wine bottles that could use some decorating. These are so cute and I love how you decorated them. Adorable!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn

    • avatar
      June 4, 2013

      That is all I need, so happy you get inspired by my creations!!! Thanks so much!!!


  3. avatar
    June 2, 2013

    Thanks so much for stopping by and linking this up with the DIY Sunday Showcase! Jen @ PinkWhen.com

  4. avatar
    June 3, 2013

    These are so pretty. I love using twine. Not only is it a great look but you get so much of it. I especially like the little flowers :)

    • avatar
      June 4, 2013

      Hi Jessica, so cool to have you here!, Thanks so much for your lovely comment and sweet words! I’m really glad you like it!!!


  5. avatar
    June 4, 2013

    You have the best ideas!! I love this one too:). Thanks for linking up @ The Owl’s Skull today! J

  6. avatar
    June 5, 2013

    Very cute ! I have an empty wine bottle on our counter, waiting to be used for a project. Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.

  7. avatar
    Christine says:
    June 10, 2013

    Absolutely beautiful Cami!!!! Love how they turned out!

    Thanks for sharing at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream to Reality! Looking forward to seeing what you have been up to tomorrow evening!

    • avatar
      Camila says:
      June 27, 2014

      Thanks so much Tanya! Glad you like it and thanks for stopping by, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. avatar
    Kimberlee says:
    June 24, 2014

    What a great idea and so simple, too. I have a whole roll of that twine – I use it for various crafts and things – adding this to my list of things to use it for.

    • avatar
      Camila says:
      June 27, 2014

      Yayyy love to inspire! Thanks so much for your sweet visit I super glad you like this idea!!!

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    June 24, 2014

    Thanks for coming by the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. Love your post and appreciate you taking the time to share. I will be featuring this fabulous post this weekend on Facebook and Twitter. Pinning today!

    • avatar
      Camila says:
      June 27, 2014

      Yayyyy Thanks so much! I’m so honored to be featured! Woot!

  10. avatar
    Michelle says:
    January 13, 2015

    Love, Love this idea. I remember when we use to melt candles over bottles, and no, not giving up my age LOL. I need to try this! Thank you for sharing.

    • avatar
      Camila says:
      January 16, 2015

      LOL… I love the melting candles too!!! Glad you liked this idea! Thank you for your lovely visit!

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